About MDIC

  Established in 2011, MDIC (Medical Device Innovation Center) is a research organization that devotes to help booming the industry environment through its research strengths, interdisciplinary talent cultivation, medical device innovation, industry specialized service, overseas collaboration, as well as incubating those startup companies in the Medical Devices Industry.

  MDIC endeavors to become the first institution oriented to product innovation and new venture. Under the leadership and support of Academia Sinica, Dr. Lai and the Distinguished Professor, Dr. Su, MDIC has been working on integrating our research teams, partner enterprises, venture capital firms and NCKU medical center to identify the unmet clinical needs and accordingly invent several value-oriented medical devices.

  In 2014, MDIC acquired ISO 13485 (the quality management system specific to the medical devices industry), to fulfill a series of quality management, refining the process of medical devices development systematically. In the first place, we focus on Orthopedics, Rehabilitation and Biomedical Imaging. Currently, we increase our involvement in Smart Healthcare and the Elder Care in order to satisfy up to date changes and needs of our community.

  By cooperating with the Stanford University on the SC-Si2C SPARK TAIWAN project and accordingly adopting their teaching experience in NCKU Bio-design courses, also collaborating with Medeon Biodesign which is leaded by Yu-Te Chang (張有德), and partnering with several outstanding NCKU alumni , Dr. Cheng (陳勁初, a leader of a Venture Capital company in Silicon Valley), Dr. Yan (楊耀武) and Dr. Gong (龔行憲), MDIC has gathered enough experience to contribute more value-added and innovative technologies. With our experience and strengths in the fields of teaching, services, research and creation, MDIC believes that our continuous efforts in the medical device industry will eventually bring a great deal of contribution to Taiwan economy in the long run.


【Goal and Focus】 

    In the short term, MDIC will continue its dedication to international programs such as SPARK, STB and AAL, allying with more internal & external enterprises and medical institutions. MDIC will also co-work with the STMDIC (South Taiwan Medical Device Industry Cluster) to develop innovative and market-oriented medical device products. MDIC devotes to create a cross-fields educational environment for both school students and industry professionals by linking local enterprises, universities and medical centers. This aims to form the Taiwan Medical Device industry into a knowledge-based economy.   

  Our mid-term goal is to implement the Medical devices quality management systems (ISO 13485), and strengthen the partnerships with key opinion leaders of overseas medical centers. Ultimately, MDIC will establish a technology-centered industry environment with the enterprises and the government, and extend the demand/supply chain to the global market.



  • Developing an innovation R&D platform for high-end medical devices.

  • Evaluating the safety and efficacy of a newly developed medical device.

  • Recruiting talented scholars and scientists for developing innovative medical devices.

  • Designing clinical trials for the developed innovative medical device using the established task force of "Emerging Technologies in Medical Devices (ETMD)".