STB Biodesign

STB Biodesign



Stanford-Taiwan Biomedical Fellowship Program (STB)


109/12/31-111/08/31 (on-going)


MDIC is selected by STB program as one of the major training institutes. STB program is a training program collaborated with Stanford University and contributes to cultivate seed talents from interdisciplinary areas for Biodesign spirit including product design, innovative technologies and entrepreneurial know-how such as IP-protection, medtech regulation, enterprising and commercialization. More than that, providing an opportunity to show their innovations to VCs and medtech companies. The purpose of the STB program is not only to train the next generation of high-end medical technology innovators but also create an innovative MedTech platform in Taiwan. 

NCKU is the first university in Taiwan to contain Biodesign into its educational objectives and training programs and has cultivated several STB fellows, to equip our top talents with MedTech innovation practices. MDIC is in charge of implementing NCKU STB-Biodesign by recommending at least one distinguished seed lecturer for six month training, and conducting serial lectures, to recognize and offer solid training to interdisciplinary talents and outstanding teams. The trainees are able to start with finding unmet clinical needs, a critical concept in Biodesign, by learning from observing clinical fields and exchanging ideas with clinical doctors. Moreover, NCKU integrated internal and external resources to provide technical support and professional consultations to foster these teams into startups.


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