FHED International Conference

FHED International Conference

International Conference on Future Healthcare and Economic Development

MDIC has recognized the importance of building a strong global network to tackle global healthcare challenges. Since 2015, we have organized the International Conference on Future Healthcare and Economic Development (FHED). The annual conference raises the issues of changes, challenges and future trends in the medical device development and ecosystem, and connects with at least 37 countries from Southern and Southeast Asia, Middle East, Oceania and Latin America.


► 2023|Nov 27-Dec 1 @ ZENDA SUITES|Trends and Future Development of Digital Healthcare and Treatment

Conference Website: https://2023fhed.mystrikingly.com/


► 2019-II|Nov 8-Nov 11 @ Shangri-La Hotel Tainan|Medical Innovations Process

86 graduate students and young professionals from 23 countries attend medical innovation training courses. 29 distinguished speakers from industry, academics, and medical institutes gave over 31 courses and workshops. Visit Conference Website




► 2019-I|Jul 29-Aug 2 @ Shangri-La Hotel Tainan|Future Trends on Healthcare Economics and Education

76 key opinion leaders from 19 countries shared medical technology trends and overview on future healthcare economics & education. Over 40 speeches and innovation workshops were conducted. Visit Conference Website



► 2018|Aug 5-9 @ Shangri-La Hotel Tainan|Innovative MedTech and Smart Healthcare

89 key opinion leaders from 26 countries exchanged their innovations on medical technologies, digital dentistry and smart healthcare. More than 30 speeches and forums were conducted. Visit Conference Website


► 2017|Aug 13-17 @ NCKU International Conference Hall|Oppotunities of Medical Device Market

54 key opinion leaders from 12 countries shared opportunities and challenges of the medical device market in their countries. Over 50 speeches and workshops were conducted. Visit Conference Website



► 2016|Aug 14-19 @ NCKU International Conference Hall|Innovative Medical Device and Oral Medicine

MoU signing with 10 universities. 39 key opinion leaders from 15 countries shared insights into innovative medical devices and oral medicine.



► 2015|Aug 23-28 @ NCKU Library Conference Center|Future Healthcare and Environmental Protection

33 key opinion leaders from 8 countries shared their perspectives and research results on medical devices as well as environmental protection.