Industry/University Cooperation




Industry-university cooperation is a collaborative platform with objective goals of cultivating industrial talents, introducing key knowledge of industry and providing re-education opportunity between academy and industry for medical devices development. Through the collaboration, the services are provided 1) to advance industrial technology, 2) to integrate resources of teaching interaction between academia and industry, 3) to plan training opportunities, equipment usages associated with industrial costs and 4) to provide academic new knowledge, theory and diploma. In summary, this platform provides potential cooperative opportunities among researchers and physicians in biomedical engineering at NCKU and Hospital while achieving the purpose of facilitating research finding across different disciplines and increasing more financial supports for Taiwan government.


Certification Assessment


  1. ISO 17025 laboratory
  2. Equipment operation and testing services
  3. Medical device regulations and international standard counseling
  4. Patent filing and innovative technology services
  5. Animal testing
  6. Clinical trial planning
  7. Design of medical device
  8. Medical technology and products showcase


Personnel training


  1. Expertise re-education
  2. Industrial planning education
  3. R&D consulting, education or clinical trial guidance
  4. Medical device and technology newsletters


International and cross-Taiwan strait affairs


  1. Medical equipment technology consultation

  2. Clinician exchange

  3. Legalized regulations of Food and Drug

  4. Visiting team of technical exchange