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The goal of the CKMD Alliance, a product-innovation-oriented organization, is to advance development of innovative medical device industry in Taiwan. Meanwhile, the d CKMD alliance integrates with the Center of Medical Devices Innovation and NCKU Hospital to facilitate the innovation of medical device, transfer developed technology, and provide clinical trial services.


In December 2011, a Corporate Alliance associated with Medical Device Innovation was established in fostering collaboration across industrial companies, government, academic and research institute, and hospitals to further increase potential researchers and innovations in flourishing high-valued medical device development in Taiwan.


This alliance is expected to provide various industrial services including:

 To provide education training associated with innovation, startup, and business model in medical devices.

  1. To promote research collaboration and technology transfer for novel medical devices at NCKU.
  2. To provide consultation and education by the NCKU team including physicians at NCKU Hospital and bioengineers.
  3. To assist functional evaluation of newly developed medical equipment related to its mechanical property, safety and clinical assessment.
  4. To improve available resource integration across industry, government, academia, research, and medicine for further promotion of medical device R&D and industrial development.



 Member List

  Until the end of 2014, the alliance has up to 79 partner enterprises join with us.



Services and Annuel Membership Fee


Regular Member: 10,000 NT Dollars/Year 

  • Latest industry and technology information sharing from our website
  • Patent search / test consultation
  • Technology development consultation

 VIP Member: 30,000 NT Dollars/Year

       More exclusive offers and services for VIP members: 

  • Free entry for seminars and speeches by MDIC and NCKU BME
  • Free year-round admission to the events that operated by MDIC
  • Professional consultation from clinical physicians
  • e-learning courses and workshops
  • Customized curriculum plan for individual company needs
  • Animal-related test consultation
  • Clinical trial consultation
  • Cooperation projects



CKMD Contact


Please contact our CKMD specialist for the further application information:

 Ms. Sandy Yang

 06-2353535 # 3406


Address: Medical Device Innovation Center, National Cheng Kung University

               NCKU Hospital Outpatient Building 

               138 Shengli Rd., Rm. 06071,  

               North District, Tainan 70403, Taiwan 

Phone: 06-2363157 

Fax: 06-2364527