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Acusense BioMedical Technology Co.,Ltd


Company Introduction

   Acusense BioMedical Technology is dedicated to researching and developing medical devices; the main proposition and goal of the company is to enhance the safety of medical treatment. Our company closely cooperate with doctors of National Cheng Kung University Hospital, Veterans General Hospital, Chi Mei Medical Center through understanding the clinical needs as product developing and designing base. For the mid and long term program, we focus on the first product, new “Needle dislodgment and blood leakage detection device”, to resolve the problem of needle dislodgment and blood leakage which will be officially sold on the market after we get the sale license of medical devices from EU and Taiwan in 2016. Our members are from different fields: technic, management, marketing and clinical practitioner. With the enthusiasm, our team members will take on every risk and challenge we encounter; plus, our consulting team across the fields of production, medical research and academic institution which makes us a strong team.

Product Introduction

   New “Needle dislodgment and blood leakage detection device” mainly assists medical staffs in noticing the problem of needle dislodgment and blood leakage for efficient prevention. This product is mainly used for detecting blood leakage while hemodialysis treatment is applied. Function: 1. Large multi-sensing area: combining array-sensing skill with 10 sensors in one device to prevent the possibility of sensing error. 2. Timely leveled alarm: medical specialists can wear the alarm with them to control the situation immediately. Also with the timely leveled alarm, they can judge the level of blood leakage. 3. Multi-bed monitoring system of hospital nursing station provides immediate and efficient monitor system. This product design is based on the medical needs for 2 main appeals: (1) enhance the level of medical safety and reduce the risk of infection (2) reduce the medical dispute and improve the relationship between doctors and patients.






Choice BioMedical Technology Co.,Ltd


Team Introduction

   Prof. Jing-Jing Fang, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Tung-Yiu Wong & Dr. Ruey-Mo Lin created a navigational orthognathic surgery program. It was supported by NCKU’s SPARK plan and MDIC. Choice Technology combines simulated surgery and analysis software to produce a customized navigation system for surgical implants and bone drilling with rapid manufacturing features. It has the ability to produce, implant guide plates, 3d models, surgical drilling aids, and surgical bone fixation aids among others. The end goal is to design a customizable miniature device to assist physicians in planning and surgery while reducing risk and allow patients more satisfaction with the medical experience.








Taiwan Earning, Ltd


Company Introduction 



The Best Solution to Pet’s Cancer Healthcare.  Desire to improve the life quality of our beloved family.


We present a much easier and caring modality ot surgically treatable tumors.


   A brand new ablation operation to cause tumor suden death and comprehensive necrosis around with programmed heat shocks, dying tumor is further attacked by the stimulated immune system.   No chemical or radioactive material is applied; neither surgical removal of tumor is required.  This system was certificated with 2013 National Innovation Award, Taiwan.