About MDIC



On March 26th in 2009, the Executive Yuan, an executive branch of the government in Taiwan, announced a new plan of developing biotechnology-"Taiwan Biotechnology Taken-Off Action Diamond Plan." The goals of this diamond plan were determined 1) to maximize the profitability of midstream medical device products, 2) to accelerate academic research achievements transformed to commercial clinical products and 3) to further facilitate Taiwan being one of the top ten countries in developing biomedical devices in the world.

To reach these goals in developing advanced medical devices, a four-year funding program with NT$17 hundred million dollars supported by the Executive Yuan was budgeted among enterprises and industries located in Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP). This funding support was initiated as a result of a collaboration steered by Academician Ming-Chiao Lai, a former President of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), the government agency located in Kaohsiung City, and the Metal Industries Research and Development Centre as well as the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at NCKU. The funding program has been specifically executed by the Administration Bureau of the STSP to establish the South Taiwan Medical Device Industry Cluster located at Kaohsiung Science Park.

In order to facilitate the development of South Taiwan Medical Device Industry Cluster and to become a successful global leader in medical device innovation initiative, the Medical Device Innovation Center (MDIC) was founded at the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in Tainan in 2011 as a product-oriented research center. The MDIC is a Center of Excellence for medical device innovation sponsored by the Ministry of Education through interdisciplinary collaborations among physicians, engineers and faculty from Colleges of Medicine, Engineering, and Management at NCKU and NCKU Hospital to brainstorm innovative concepts. The interdisciplinary collaboration fosters to establish an integrated R&D platform for medical devices based on the past research achievements accomplished at NCKU and Hospitals such as orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, dental, rehabilitation devices, biomedical imaging instruments and other related medical devices. In addition, the MDIC also forms a corporate alliance to bridge medical centers, academic and research institutions, and industrial companies to improve and enhance the entrepreneurship. In summary, the MDIC not only funds news collaborative academic and research initiatives in medical devices across the institution and hospital, but also to provide innovative medical technology while collaborating with industry and enterprises for further economy stimulation to achieve the “Taiwan Biotechnology Taken-Off Action Diamond Plan.”