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[June 3, 2015] MDIC - Best Nationwide Coaching Agencies for the Phd-OJT Project


MDIC - Best Nationwide Coaching Agencies for the Phd-OJT Project

Since the Medical Device Innovation Center (MDIC) joined the project “Phd-On-the-Job-Training”, sponsored by the Board of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan in 2013, MDIC has been ranked as the best for consecutive two years and allocated the most funds and training job vacancies.


In order to bridge the gap between academic theory and the practical experience, and to help our outstanding doctors enter the industry, MDIC leaded by Professor Fong-Chin Su has been making efforts to create a more integrated environment by combining extensive resources from the academic and the industry, such as (1) developing medical device innovation teams, (2) assisting the innovation teams to solid and commercialize their product design through SPARK program, (3) bringing up the Unmet Clinical Needs Forum for the clinical physicians and the talents from different fields to target the clinical needs, and (4) enhancing the interaction and the communication between the government departments, the industry, the academic and the research institutes through the Chenk-Kung medical device alliance.


With the comprehensive linkage to all the various resources, we believe that the well-established environment and training plan will lead us toward the goal of boosting the Taiwan medical device market, which also make our performance stand out.


So far, MDIC has successfully appealed 25 enterprises to participate, and helped 12 excellent doctor researchers enter the biotechnology industry, which 5 of them started new companies, another 5 of them accepted high level positions in the enterprises, and the rest 2 become assistant professors in the universities.  There are another 9 candidates from the 2nd training period will either enter the job market or start their own business soon. Now we are proceeding to the beginning of the 3rd stage of the project and looking for 12 candidates.  


Moreover, because MDIC has completed multiple international collaborative projects through the GAIA (Global Academia-Industry Alliance) program, MDIC accordingly earns increasing attention from nationwide and globally, which becomes additional supporting platform for the Phd-On-the-Job-Training project. This is definitely an excellent channel for those outstanding doctoral researchers to obtain more global experience and also attract world’s attention to Taiwan Medical Device Industry.