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     The project based on「Taiwan Biotech Industry Take-off Action Plan」approved by the Board of Science and Technology, Executive Yuan on October 17, 2012.


    The purpose of the project is to provide high quality well-trained human resources for biotech industry.  The biotech industry is knowledge-intensive. The key strategy for boost bioteh industry is to break the critical chain gaps.  In practical, we can transform the R&D result from research institutions to biotech industry to enhance the industry chain connection by provide high quality human resources.  According to the biotech industry human resources survey which provided by Ministry of Economic Affairs, show that the industry will need 140 post-doctors every year in the next three years (2013 - 2015).  The survey also point out that the industry realize the post-doctor human resources is a key factor for technology upgrade and high-end niche product development.  The biotech industry have to face global competition, but domestic manufacturers still short of high-end human resources, like  international regulations, patent intellectual property, authorizing negotiations, marketing.


    The three-year project will invest 330 million NT dollars in on-the-job training program for 300 biotechnology post-doctors, and help the post-doctors to develop R&D, intellectual property, and marketing management competency.  The first stage of the project(March 18,2013 - June 30, 2014) will at least help 2/3 of 100 biotechnology post-doctors to join the industry after they finished the one year value-add training.





第二期生技高階人才報到 第三期生技高階人才報到
103 Phd Candidates 104 Phd Candidats
康定郭義松總經理與培訓博士蒞臨中心拜訪 培訓廠商期中追蹤會議
103 Partner Company Meeting (COMDEK Industrial Corp) 104 Mid-Term Program Tracking Meeting
亞洲基因周錦生總經理蒞臨討論培訓業務 和康生技報告培訓成果
103Partner Company Meeting (AsiaGen Corporation) 103 Partner Company Meeting (Maxigen Biotech Inc.)




  Program Assistant:

  Hsiuan (Mirabell) Chien

  TEL: 06-2353535 #3420

  FAX: 06-2364527